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Getting the Job done with Experienced Maids

Cleaning your hotel or vacation rental with expedient and high cleaning standards is our priority!

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Housekeeping, Vacation Rental, Realty Service Packages :

We bring to you experienced maids ready to jump in and be part of your housekeeping operations, vacation rental setup and realty prep setup. Most maids have 5+ years of housekeeping experience and require minimal time to be at pace with other hotel workers.

Our maids can offer you room cleanup, making of beds, furniture staging, supplies replenishment, laundry services, dusting, sweeping, and mopping at a completive rate! Call Peninsula Cleaning Maids in Pacific Grove, California today to get started.

Vacant Rental Cleaning Package 

Book your vacation rental cleaning package with us below!

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Hotel Cleaning Service Package 

Book your hotel housekeeping package with us today!

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Realty Cleaning Package 

Book your Realty Cleaning package with us today!

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Performance Rate:

Each hotel and rental has different setups and operations. Some rooms require more time than others. Within an 8-hour day, we anticipate our housekeepers to complete between 1-12 rooms per maid and up to 1-10 rentals per workday.

Pricing Factors

  • Size of the Hotel/Rental
  • Star Rating
  • Room Conditions
  • Distance of Travel
  • Frequency Demand

Type of Hotels We Serve

  • Timeshares/Vacation Rentals
  • All-Stars Hotels
  • Resort Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Motels
  • Cottages
  • Lodges and More!

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